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Understanding, Scaling and Automating Data Protection Assessments

May 21, 2024

"IAPP approved for CPE credits"

Nearly all state privacy laws, like California, Connecticut, Virginia, Montana, and Oregon, mandate that controllers conduct Data Protection Assessments (DPAs). The Colorado Privacy Act goes a step further, specifying the content of the DPAs, and, to further complicate the matter, the draft California regulations may include different requirements.

DPAs are required for any activities that present a "heightened risk of harm" or "significant risk" to consumers' privacy or security. While DPAs are a new and very time-consuming obligation, there is also value in performing these assessments. DPA's provide the opportunity for businesses to get in front of privacy issues before they become problems.

Given the questions and concerns we have received on this topic, we're excited to announce our upcoming webinar, Understanding, Scaling, and Automating Data Protection Assessments, created and hosted by  Priya Keshav and Gregory Szewczyk.

Topics to be covered

  • Top challenges in conducting Data Protection Assessments and how to address them
  • Automation of DPAs
  • Assessing risk and appropriate risk flags for privacy risks
  • Measuring privacy risks using results from the DPAs

Watching our exclusive webinar.

This webinar is approved by the IAPP - International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) for Continuing Privacy Education (CPE) Credits.

About the Speaker:

Greg Szewczyk
Priya Keshav

Greg Szewczyk

Chair of Privacy and Data Security Group

Ballard Spahr LLP

Gregory Szewczyk is the Chair of the Privacy and Data Security Group at Ballard Spahr LLP. Whether it's Fortune 500s or start-ups, Gregory focuses on helping clients develop practical solutions when creating and fine-tuning their privacy and data security programs. He applies his years of experience in the courtroom, responding to breaches and advising on M&A transactions to identify and mitigate the most material risks in ways that actually work within companies' operations.

Priya Keshav specializes in helping corporations identify and proactively manage privacy risks related to data. Previously, she held the position of Managing Director at KPMG's Forensic Technology Services practice in the Southwest U.S. With over two decades of consulting experience, Priya excels in privacy, information governance, cyber-crime response, eDiscovery, and forensic investigations.